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    I have a question about an item. Who do I contact?
    Me! Send us your Q's and we'll match them up with an A. Go to our Contact page and fill out the handy form. Be sure to be as detailed as possible with your questions.

    Can I return my item?
    Before you purchase, please review our Terms & Conditions. In there, you will find which items are eligible for a return (for instance, we really don't want your used panties back. no. ew. no.) and how to begin the process. If you're still not sure, contact us and we'll get you the answer asap.

    What if I received my item and it was damaged?
    First off...that SUCKS! We take all precautions we can to ensure a safe delivery...but sometimes your mail delivery person feels like punting your package to your door. In those cases, please review our Terms & Conditions page for the process of returning and exchanging your item.

    Can I buy a design on an item I don't see on your shop?
    I'm gonna guess you also order off the secret menu at Starbucks... ;) But hey, who are we to say no to someone who wants more wicked chicken? Drop me a line here and be sure to explain what you are looking for, your price range, and the design you want printed on it. We'll get back to you in a snap.

    Where can I read more wicked chicken cartoons?
    In a house with a mouse. On a couch with a grouch. You can read them anywhere! Where anywhere equals our blog site at wickedchicken.com or on Facebook, or Instagram.