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    We've made it our mission to bring you quality, unique, and irreverent items so you can show off your inner evil at home, at work, at the grocery store, or wherever you happen to be out in public.

    Who's we?

    Me and my cohorts: wicked chicken, pomp adore, odds, and ends.

    Amy CQHiya, I'm Amy CQ, the human behind the characters at wicked chicken. What started out as a doodle, turned into an idea, turned into a alter-ego, turned into a cartoon, turned into merch.


    As a professional branding and web designer for almost a decade, I'm now using my superpowers for good (or evil, depending on how you look at it.)

    But, why merch?

    After so many years in the digital realm, I didn't foresee myself back to making tangible items again.

    But, the more I shared my cartoons, the more I received comments like "I NEED this on a t-shirt" or "OMG take my money, I wanna buy this on something!" I figured, how many times to I need to hear this before I make something!

    Secretly, I've always wanted to use my design skills to create the products that I'd love to buy. The ones that I could never find at the mall. The ones that were made above the quality standards of a 16 year old with money burning a hole in their pocket. The ones that reflected the way I felt, my dark sense of humor, and my fashion sense (or lack thereof beyond wearing all black.)

    My hope?

    That you and your (wicked) friends feel like they've finally found their girl gang and want to let the world know that we 'see your red door and are gonna paint it BLACK.'

    Then snuggle with our kids or kitties because we do, actually, have a soft little heart under there.